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Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium, was launched on 13th March 2022 and nestled at the heart of Rajshahi city near to Padma River. RAJ is the short form of RAJSHAHI and ROYAL comes from the golden history when British Raj RAJSHAHI was a divisional capital of the Bengal Presidency. A miraculous place to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views, grand event venues, and unique dining experiences. Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium is committed to delight your stays in a way of international standard.

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Royal Raj Offers Access for All

Royal Raj Hotel & Condominium understands that every customer has different needs and we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to all of our guests equally. In rare instances where this is not possible we will endeavour to offer a suitable alternative.

Our hotel offer a range of facilities for guests with a perspective on disability including the following:

  • • Designated Blue Badge car parking
  • • Accessible facilities – restaurant and meeting rooms
  • • Accessible bathroom
  • • Accessible bedrooms
  • • Menus available in large print
  • • Induction loops

If requested in advance, one of the accessible guest rooms in the aforementioned hotels can be equipped with a hoist. It is important to note that the ceiling track in the bedroom is separate from that in the bathroom, so the hoist needs to be unhooked and carried through. Guests are advised to bring their own slings. For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

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